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           Welcome to Steveisbass.com!


 Lessons for adults on electric bass and guitar.

 Lessons for children on electric bass, guitar, drums,  piano, and all brass instruments.  

 Lessons for children and adults with special needs.


With over twenty years of experience as a professional performing musician I have the tools and experience to help you, or your children, achieve their dream of becoming whatever type of musician they want to be!


    I have over fifteen years of experience with elementary school aged children. In both recreational and academic settings I have developed techniques for helping children navigate their early musical challenges. From setting goals to developing proper practice habits and instilling confidence, I have a program that will fit your child.


   Whether you want to recapture that past dream of becoming a rock star, or just want to be the cool person at the party with a guitar, I have a program for you. It can be as rigorous or relaxed as you like, but I promise that it will be enjoyable. 


                                      Special Needs   

     I have worked with special needs children, and young adults, for over twelve years. I have many techniques for adapting musical instruments, and musical knowledge, for a wide variety of physical and mental challenges. Often times, special needs children are left out of musical activities as a result of the instructor's unfamiliarity with the ways that they can learn. This does not have to be the case. I will work with your child to give them every opportunity to have a fulfilling musical dimension in their life.